Staying a step ahead of scammers

Many of us are game addicts. Since gamin is something that really does addict, online gaming has become a popular sport. However, along with this popularity comes the risk of scams. Getting scammed through online games whether, on computers, mobiles or smartphones is not uncommon. You need to know the kind of scams prevalent out there to stay a step ahead.

1-    Cell phones scam

Certain games contain fishy programs that get downloaded onto the smartphone or mobile. These programs then charge monthly fees or international call bills from your phone. They are difficult to spot and you can learn about them only when you get your bills.

2-    Torrent scams

You can easily get tricked into torrent scams as some gaming websites offer an unlimited amount of game downloads for a certain amount of money. What you are offered in return is nothing more than a bunch of links that could contain viruses and pirate programs along with dubious games.

3-    Casino scams

Online casinos are multiplying every day. While some casino websites are genuine, a lot of them are scams. That is why it is necessary to run check on them before deciding to use one. Gaming verifications such as먹튀can help you with finding the most legit websites for gaming.

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4-    Play and earn

These scams work on the formula of – work from home jobs where you are supposed to earn a large amount of money for play testing a game. While it may sound like a genuine offer, scamsters often require you to pay some money for training kits or credits etc.

5-    Phishing scams

In these scams, a user ends up giving away his account details and gets his online assets stolen. What happens is that you receive an email demanding a password change and sign-on details. The scamster then uses the details to sign in to your account and sell your gaming assets.

Practicing caution is your best bet in order to not fall for these scams. In addition, you can use websites like먹튀  to verify gaming websites.