TOP 5 Reasons Why Shipping Container Is A Good Investment

Davenport Laroche is a company is located in the Kwun Tong District in Hong Kong and is one of the best companies who offer Alternative Investments. This place is a known industrial area for a few decades and because of the promising prosperity of the district, it has been renovated and is now a commercial center where you can find plenty of huge buildings and commercial structures. The shipping container is a very popular alternative investment and perfect for investors who are looking for a passive income.

Different Investments At Davenport Laroche

Davenport Laroche is not only offering shipping container investments. There are different investment options offered by this company like gemstones, real estate,  and even precious metals. Like shipping containers, real estate investment is one of the most popular with Davenport Laroche. If you are into precious metals, you can choose from gold, platinum, silver, and palladium.

offering shipping container investments

TOP 5 Reason Why Invest With Davenport Laroche

Putting your money into a business is not an easy decision. It is important that you fully understand the benefits when you invest in shipping containers before you make the decision. Davenport Laroche has so many inspiring success from investors worldwide and they are sharing their experiences on how the company was able to help them keep the business up and running. Here are the most important reasons why you should invest in Davenport Laroche containers:

  1. Capital Is Preserved. Davenport Laroche promises to preserve your capital 100%. The company has both the conservative and higher income leases that can guarantee you to buy back your containers within 5 years. If you decide to sell your asset at any time for any reason, you can do also choose to do that.
  1. High Returns. With Davenport Laroche containers, you are promised to reap a 12% return on your investment yearly of the initial price that you paid for the containers. You can also prefer the higher income plans which can bring about 24.13% return.
  1. Investment Security. Hard assets like the shipping containers do not fluctuate when it comes to their value. Unlike other investments, these containers will not lose their value over time since they hold material and functional values. Containers can last for up to 15 years so investment security will not be a cause of worry.
  1. Your Shipping Container Title. Davenport Laroche investors receive a “Deed of Sale” document making them the legal and rightful owner of the containers that they have purchased.
  1. Very Low Investment Risk. Shipping containers prove to be one of the largest industry in world trade. According to statistics, about 90% of the goods are being transported worldwide using containers which is why there is a very low risk for shipping container investments.

Davenport Laroche is one of the most trusted container investment company all over the world. Since they are based in Hong Kong, different investors can have easy access to them and they are the world’s most preferred shipping container agent. If shipping container business is your next target, only choose Davenport Laroche.