Is karma scoring is a good calculation?

Popularity of the content are based on the upvotes, top quality content, good general score, sales, boost traffic, excellent methods and customers who are supporting the work. The success in the business is achieved when this factors are followed religiously.

Social Media is the Solutionbuy Reddit upvotes

When you are making the use of the social media then you can make the best endorsement. These sites are always buzzing with various topics which is making easier for the people to endorse anything on this websites. Just think once that without the presence of the social media it is very difficult to reach to individuals from all the parts of the world. There are number of people who are able to see the content. You will be surprised to have the clients with whom you have never spoken in your life. If you are having the good marketing plan and at the same time if you are also making the use of the social media then it will lead your business to the success.

You can also have various other social media sites and in that case the reddit will not be your first choice. But there is something in this sites so you can give it a try. The users of this sites are posting the high quality content which will give you more clients. It is so much better than getting the likes from facebook or the tweets from twitter. Reddit can also be used as the blog and in that you can also post very frequently. When you buy upvotes then you are able to bring the post in the top search results.  This site is very effective in getting the profits and sales to the business.

Karma Scoring

It is the scoreboard of reddit which is also the reward earned for posting the popular content. It is coming in two flavors, link karma and comment karma.

You are gaining the karma points when your comments and links are upvoted. You are losing when the comments and the links are downvoted to the number lower than the zero. All of this votes are calculated and the cumulative is known as the karma score or just the karma. You will be able to view the user karma at the top of the sidebar in the profile page of user. While there are some reddit users who are dismissing the karma.