Brands Showing the Best Way to Advertise on Instagram

There’s huge competition on the platform, Instagram, right now. That’s why you really have to put a lot of thought into how you’ll promote your brand if you want to advertise or market on it.

However, that does not include buying followers to say that you have instantly gained fame on Instagram. That’s not how it works. If you are aiming to succeed in your choice of a niche on Instagram, then you should better do it the right way. Just remember this, millennial marketers don’t buy Instagram followers.

Now, one effective way to do that is by checking out the brands that are doing well on Instagram. That’s because no matter what niche you’re in, it’s going to help you a lot to see how others do it. It will give you ideas on what you yourself should be doing. Here are a few tips on how…

The Best Brands Advertising on Instagram 

Arguably the best way to advertise on Instagram is to know how the most successful brands on the platform are doing it. It is more like a first step to doing good research on how you can be successful on Instagram.

Aside from building a strong profile and engaging followers, these brands have all made use of great content. Which means they can be the perfect example of how you can make better on your Instagram marketing. But if there’s any best tip that one brand can give you, then that is millennial marketers don’t buy Instagram followers. 

So here is what brands have to say.


One of the most famous businesses online is Airbnb, which means it also has the most number of engagement and followers on Instagram. If you are someone who’s into traveling, then making sure you follow how Airbnb attract followers is a must.

So what do they do? They highlight the most interesting, unique lodging sites all over the world. The uniqueness of these lodgings can be expressed through visuals. Thus, Instagram is the perfect place for showing them off. Airbnb basically gives travelers a glimpse of what they’ll see when they use the lodgings themselves. They do it in a way that their followers can say “I want to be there”.



The iconic origin of that man holding a woman featuring the most iconic view? I know we have seen that everywhere on Instagram. Well, #FollowMeTo is where it all started.

No wonder why they have grown to be so famous with the most number of likes on Instagram. The pose was made famous by real-life couple Murad and Natalia Osmann. Their #FollowMeTo project has gained thousands of followers on the platform— and it indeed became their trademark, people know them for it.

They interest a wide number of users by showing the most breathtaking photos of the world. Because, after all, who doesn’t want to see what this world has to offer? And basically people are remaking their own photo and tag #followmeto in all their posts, and who could benefit that? Well no other than the couple themselves.

A big part of what makes their feed successful is the intimacy of the photos. There’s a sense of involvement for the viewer, who seems to be the one being led around by the woman in the images.

Final Thoughts

That just shows that millennial marketers don’t buy Instagram followers there is no need to really do that.  You just have to be unique in whatever you want to let your followers and viewers see from you.