Different Kinds Of Bolts That Are Available At BACO

Bolts that are available from BACO Enterprises include a comprehensive range of threaded bolts, studs, screws, and other essential components used for industrial and construction applications.

A325, A490 Tension Control Bolts, And Galvanized TC Bolts

There are 2 different types of tension control bolts available:

  1. A325 tension control bolts (F1852) – plain or mechanically galvanized.
  2. A490 bolts (F2280) – are plain and not available with a coating.

This bolts are all made from high strength steel and are available in many different diameters and lengths. The diameter that the company carries range from ⅝” to 1 ⅛” in every length manufactured up to 8-1/2″ long A325 tension control bolts when it comes to quality and performance considerations. Both A325 and A490 tension control bolts perform ideally in a moderate temperature run between 40° F and 90° F.  An excellent choice for outdoor or where corrosion or weathering, or exposed installations is the galvanized tension controls bolts or TC bolts. Plain, uncoated TC bolts are suitable for indoor or enclosed installations, or where exposure to corrosive factors is not an issue.

Tension Control Bolts

What To Expect from BACO Enterprises

Steel fabricators and erectors can find common sizes of bolts just about anywhere but you can trust that every possible size of TC bolt you may need will be readily accessible when you buy from BACO intensely evaluated and prepared to transport rapidly. Because of the careful work and experience of the tension tester, the company can also provide an unbeatable bolt quality guarantee and are proud to offer on-site support and inspection services. While numerous sellers come to get their resale stock, when you work straightforwardly with BACO, you get bolts – including HDG timber bolts and F1554 galv anchor bolts – from a trusted and quality committed source. When it comes to reliability and impeccable speed, you can trust BACO bolts to meet your tension control bolt needs.

Why Source Tension Control Bolts from Baco Enterprises?

The company have been a major distributor of tension control bolts for twenty years and are proud to represent leading domestic and international fastener manufacturers. The company checks random lots of A325 and A490 structural bolts to assure each component meets with specific tolerance requirements and integrity standards as part of the quality control measures. The company complete Skidmore bolt testing in which the bolt, nut, and washer assembly is placed in calibrated tension reading equipment. The bolt is then tightened in the exact same way it would be tightened when being installed in a steel connection until the spline shears off and a tension reading is taken to assure the minimum and maximum tension requirements for that bolt’s diameter are met at that point.