Baby Diapers And More

No wonder, pregnancy is a boon for every women on this planet and certainly the cute smiles and funny actions of the babies can be the world’s best gift to observe. The diapers found in the market are more concerned about the leakage factor than the comfort of the baby. Most diapers found in the market are not biodegradable and they are made in the same way as sanitary pads which have the gel absorption technique, which studies show is not good for the baby. But Imse Vimse has been innovative and eco friendly by making diapers 100% organic.

making diapers 100% organic

These diapers can be used again and they aren’t difficult to wash too. They are super comfy and your baby will be the happiest kid in town. Ordinary diapers causes rashes and weigh down the baby when full. But these diapers don’t represent such problems. The cotton fabric is hypoallergenic for the baby’s skin. It’s amazing that this diaper has sizes from a new born infant to a toddler and each time the number of flaps which begin with eight increase as to hold on more.

The baby will never feel the bumpy and lumpy feeling usually faced with cloth diapers which also tend to stiffen too. The Imse Vimse has a reputation of having beautiful cotton pre fold fabric which also is easier to dry when washed. The look of these diapers are simple but they outplay the function of the fancier ones which are made on the basis one size fits all. These diapers  are from organically made cotton and they can be ordered online and shipped to to your place.

Mothers need not have the fear when using these diapers for their young ones as they are chlorine free and not optically whitened this way they are au natural. This way you will be not panicking about using anything unpleasant for the baby as well as helping the environment in your own little way of stopping environmental pollution. The attractively low prices with offers makes this offer irresistible. The market prices can overwhelm you but these diapers are worth every penny and they can be put on the affordable list.

These diapers are long lasting, and they are a one time buy till your baby outgrows them which may be pretty fast, but you always know that they will always feel comfortable and won’t be cranky unlike using other diapers as they aren’t so comfortable as they are made in one size fits all ranges. As per shipment is concerned according to stock the package is shipped on the same day or the next business day.

To give easy identification the edges of the diapers are of different colours such as the yellow, red and brown which start from the smallest to the bigger sizes. Which also state the weight of the baby that can wear the diapers. The extra large ones are also there for bigger babies. So the parent has a whole range of options to choose from and get the right one for their baby.