Categories of Flaunty Hairbands to adjust your Little Girl’s Hair

Wardrobe Fashion! Latest Hairbands in Different Styles & Colors

A hair-band is used to adjust the hair and complement the overall appearance. If you are planning to go to the beach, this hair accessory will rescue the hair style on a breezy day. While going to school, it will help your princess to maintain her flapper hair. It is a practical and highly useful accessory for girls that can be used at school, picnic, party or while travelling. Mention Wardrobe Fashion code to find a variety of charming hairbands within your means.

Categories of Hairbands

If you consider the types of hair-band, definitely you will get spoiled and cannot make a decision easily. Here are some of the most practical hair-band categories that enhance the cute looks and help the little girls to play or carry on writing tasks conveniently.

Elastic Hairband

Usually, elastic bands have floral top or butterfly shape to make your little girl adorable. These are perfect for babies and perfect to wear on special occasion like Eid or birthday party. Elastic hairbands are easy to wear and stretchable without any loose string or skirmish end. You can find any color to match with the fancy dress.

Ribbon Hairband

It is appropriate for girls, belonging to 4+ age. Satin material is used to wrap the band. The lower surface is made of Flannelette to avoid slipping. It is just right for casual use. Ribbon hairbands are made up of sturdy material and are comfortable to wear throughout a day.

Bow Hairband

These wonderful hairbands fit to different sizes are available in various patterns and color schemes. These are handmade satin material bands that do not cause any irritation behind the ears. Some hairbands are made up of sequin and offer a shiny top to wear on special occasions like parties or weddings. Use wardrobe fashion code and buy the best suited remarkably soft hairbands for toddlers and lovely girls.

Nylon Hairband

These can be purchased for toddlers, infants and girls to wear on special occasions or routine basis. These are stretchable bands and quality organic material elastic is used to protect the little girls from pain or irritation.

Flower Headband for Candy girl

The satin material crown shaped bands have flowers on the top in single or multiple colors. These are specially designed for toddlers to 12 years old girls. Vibrant colors in durable material do not let the hair-band to slip.

Turban Knotted Hair Accessory

Knotted bow hairbands are soft and attractive, made up of flexible material ideal for newborns, babies and toddlers. A large tie in the middle is created to make these fabric wrapped beautiful bands. To maintain short hair or avoid your hair to come into eyes, use the non-slippery classic firm hair accessory.

Beaded Rhinestone Hairband

Do you want to give something special to your little girl? Get these braided bead strands to standout the hairstyle. These are a bit narrow bands that look gorgeous with frocks, jeans and even maxis. Hairband is not an expensive investment, but it can be lost or broken easily by kids. Get wardrobe fashion code to pick an assortment of hair accessories and improve your child’s overall style.