You can take pleasure of ice cream in breakfast

There are many people who can eat ice cream any time of the day or night. When you visit a store you can get ice cream in different types of serving bowl. The amazing part is that nowadays your getting ice cream in a cup which is eatable. But such cups have be finished sitting at one place but if you prefer the plastic ice cream cups then you can carry them along with you and you can eat while walking. Did you ever tried including ice cream in your breakfast menu. If no then let see some ideas how to include ice cream in your breakfast.

  • Coffee ice cream: What do you drink everyday in the morning? Coffee right, the people who love to drink iced coffee they can try the creamy, cold and coffee flavoured ice cream which will give you the feel of cols coffee with ice cream.
  • Ice cream parfait: Most of us eat parfaits for breakfast; you can add strawberry sauce and lemon sorbet with vanilla ice cream which will give you pleasurable treat in the morning.
  • Roasted peaches: Fruits is one of the healthiest breakfast you can ever have, Just to add some punch to your breakfast add some roasted peaches to you ice cream that’s it you have your complete breakfast ready.
  • Oatmeal cookies: It is a very simple process, you will for sure have cookies on your breakfast table you just need to fill in your favourite ice cream between two cookies and freeze it for some time. You cookie ice cream is all ready to eat and cherish.

  • Banana: The most nutritious food you just need to slice the banana and make some sugar Carmel and pour it on the banana. Then add the ice cream which will make a perfect dessert for you.
  • Mint ice cream: Mint as you all know gives you a fresh feel, how to make a breakfast ice cream with this you just need corn starch and the cream cheese. Cream cheese is a part of most of us breakfast table.
  • Cake: You can also make ice cream cake for your breakfast. Eating cake is a good idea for the breakfast. You just need to layer the ice cream with the cake.
  • Fruits: If you want to eat different types of fruits and also the ice cream than add all your favourite fruits like mango, pineapple etc in to the vanilla ice cream. Your breakfast sundae is ready, but in realty you can eat this at anytime of the day.
  • Hot chocolate: There are few days which will be too cold to have ice cream but I have an idea for those days too. Melt your vanilla ice cream and pour it on the hot chocolate and you can enjoy the hot ice cream.


Hope these ideas will help you to introduce ice cream to your breakfast table.