Transporting goods by water is a safe and reliable option given the modern containers that make it so easy and flexible. There are various types of shipping containers used for different transit.  Increased demand for containers has made manufacturers come up with different designs and sizes satisfying the modern requirements of shipping.  Ship containers are divided in to three main categories: Dry, liquid and specialised. These can be further classified in to broad davenport laroche categories.

Dry cargos can be further classified in to General, bulk and break bulk containers.

Liquid containers can be classified in to Reefer and Ro-Ro.

Specialised cargoes are those meant for heavy-lift, passengers and livestock.

Dry cargo ships: These were the traditional cargos used b world merchants. They possess Derricks which are used in cargo loading. The cargo would be neatly packed in different holds and these ships can be seen going on for a regular service as “Liners” between two or multiple ports.

Bulk carriers:

These are used for carrying heavy weight to cost ratio ones such as iron, coal and other minerals and grains. They contain huge vessels covered by hatches.  The vessels are divided in to separate holds to enable carry heavy weights. In these kind of ships, loading and unloading is done with the means of crane that is located between two hatches. Generally a crane with grabs is used to unload the goods.

Ship containers

Container vessels:

These are undoubtedly the most famous and flexible mode of transport these days. They come in different sizes and goods can be loaded and unloaded easily between ships, trains and trucks.  Thye can be used to transport anything from food grains to mechanical and electrical equipment.  They can also be used to transport refrigerated items. Standard size of containers is measured as 20 feet(1 TEU) and 40 feet(2 TEUs).

General cargo vessels:

These kinds of ships can be used to transport medium to heavy weight goods. They have not been much in use these days because of bulks and containers having taken their place.

Reefer vessels:

This is a kind of ship used in carrying perishable goods like refrigerated items.

Ro-Ro vessels:

These ships are mainly used to transport road vehicles like cars and trucks. A car carrier is the main Ro-Ro vehicle used to transport vehicles. They have parking lanes and slab-sided decks to store road vehicles.

The above are only some of the types of carriers.